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  Ph. : 6776030, 6776031, 56216158

Price list

Excerpts from the dental care price list

Name of service or material Approximate price (€)
Consultation, drawing up of the treatment plan 50-65
X-ray of 1–2 teeth 20
Anaesthesia 17
Tartar removal from one tooth 20
Subgingival tartar removal from one tooth 23
Air-flow teeth cleaning 105
Panoramic X-ray 28
3D X-ray 90
Dental treatment under microscope (30´) 80
Diagnostic model, 1 pc. 30
Tooth protection, 1 pc. 220

Root canal treatment

Root canal treatment 220-660


Depending on the material and size 60-130

Surgical treatment

Tooth or root extraction 80
Complicated tooth or root extraction 100
Surgical extraction of retained teeth, extra teeth, partially erupted teeth 180
Minor plastic surgery on bone or soft tissue 185


Porcelain-fused-to-metal crown or tooth 525
All-ceramic crown 390
Zirconium crown 440
Cast post and core 110-180
Full denture for one jaw 540
Partial denture (plus the cost of teeth) 260
Full cast removable denture (plus the cost of teeth) 540
Vita plastic tooth 23
Immediate prosthesis (plus the cost of teeth) 190

Teeth whitening

One visit, one tooth 35
Whitening tray 160

Implant placement

Surgery for one implant 625
Implant supra-structure 380-500
Implant crown 440


Orthodontist’s consultation (includes drawing up of the treatment plan) 60
Quad-helix 210
Metal braces with retainers 32
Ceramic braces with retainers 60
Retention plate 110

Myofunctional therapy

The first appointment 55
The second appointment 40


  • The Estonian Health Insurance Fund covers the cost of the dental care of persons under 19 years of age who are insured in the Health Insurance Fund, visitation fee €5.
  • If the patient fails to appear for an agreed visit or terminates a visit less than 24 hours before the agreed time, the patient may be charged the double visitation fee €10 (subsection 70 (6) of the Health Insurance Act).
  • The Estonian Health Insurance Fund covers the cost of prosthetic dentistry for pensioners in the amount of €260.00 per three years.
  • Insured persons of at least 19 years of age can apply for dental care benefits in the amount laid down by the Health Insurance Fund.
  • We offer the option of payment by instalments (MediCredit contract).
  • Please see the full price list at the dental clinic.
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